white ink tattoos on my ribcage. its over 3yrs since I got them bad boys done.

White tattoo… I never cared about getting a tattoo before, but I actually really want a white tattoo that only becomes visible after I tan!!! I like this design!!
Here is a better picture of mine. I got my tattoo done in Lincoln, Nebraska by Jrod. Ive had some bad stuff happen to me and having “love” on my left hand gives me hope to find somebody that will actually care. Left hand…Ring finger.:)

One more, directly after it was done with my phone camera.

Second tattoo, white ink again!!! Did it in Ibiza, by Mana from Tahiti Tiki Tatoo Thank you man! Free this time, another part of my life is beginning
July 26, 2012


I love how this has turned out. :)